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Is there a local legend you feel the Legend Seekers should explore?  Tell us more in the form below!

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  1. I’ve heard the song called “Taking Mary home” is based on a ghost story.
    The legend goes,(to the best of my knowledge) somewhere in New Jersey,
    A young girl was hit and killed while walking home one evening. On the anniversary of her death, she can be seen and even picked up by motorists, who will be talking away to her only to look and she has vanished. Variations claim that the motorist actually takes her all the way home before noticing she isn’t there…
    The song mentioned is very old country western song, not sure of the artist and not sure even of the state it is said to have happened in.

  2. I learned these from my grandmother. You may have heard of some of them:

    Dearg Due– (vampire legend)
    Dallahan– (“dark man” / headless horseman)
    The Sluagh– (Dead sinners who return as malicious spirits and claim souls).

    Spectacular website by the way!

  3. My friends,
    Although not sure this would really constitute a legend but by far something worth the exploration at best, the seemingly unexplained Hums that are often heard or experienced all around Ireland(Sligo for one)and not only restricted to Ireland of course such hums are documented all over our globe but each location seems to have a different character about it. It’s a thought. I might add I am really getting a lot out of your books thanks to Barry and Cormac. Thank you.

  4. Look into the Black Hounds more? There are legends of them from Ireland all over, to Great Britain and they also go by different names as well. ( Barghest , Black Shuck, Hellhound..)

    Or I was told of a man who is still seen on a horse without a head?

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