We’re hellbent on bringing you with us!

We’re hellbent on bringing you with us!

Hi folks!

We here at The Legend Seekers – Barry, Cormac and Max – very much appreciate the support you’ve shown us over the years.   We’ve new content out, plus we have a lot more to come. and our main objective is to help you experience our experiences as effectively as possible with our YouTube channel.

The best way for you to help us is to let others know of that very content.

  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you can get alerts for each new upload.
  • Share the videos as often as you wish on as many platforms as you wish.
  • Comment and tell us what myths you’d like to see covered and feel free to ask any questions on those that we’ve covered.


We know we’d be talking to ourselves if it wasn’t for your support and though Covid is proving to be quite a pain (in the arm for many) we’re still making videos for you, yet staying within the severe restrictions that are set here in Ireland.


So please – enjoy and share the videos.

CLICK HERE to subscribe as we have a batch already cooking, just for you!

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